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___ Cutaway view of air-handler for Heatex Corporation
___ Proposal art for beer program
___ Book illustration of wooden bench cutaway, for Ortho
___ Cutaway of an electric motor, for Dresser-Rand Corp.
___ Installation illustrations of installing cement footings, for how to book
___ Ghostly people working on cement installation, for how to book
___ Cutaway of electric clutch and brake assembly
___ Cutaway of gas compressor for Dresser-Rand Corp.
___ Illustration of insulated glass window construction, for New Morning Windows
___ Book illustration of a deck used in Ortho book
___ Cutaway of cement drain installation, for how to book
___ Exploded view of electrical outlet installation, book illustration for Ortho
___ Exploded view of wooden gate, book illustration for Ortho
___ Photograph of our 1950 fire truck, good fun
___ View of garden featuring pavers, a trellace, a birdbath, wooden benches, and flowers
___ Cutaway of a gazebo showing construction details, book illustration for Ortho
___ POP (Point of Purchase) rack with Bombay Gin bottles, proposed rack for client
___ Foam packaging material, complete with electric gizmos
___ Cutaway of lag bolt, washers, 4x6's, and hanger, book illustration for Ortho
___ Pipettes with one floating in air, brochure introducing new product
___ Plumbing tools of a how-to book
___ Electro mechanical valve
___ Interior view of a fast food restaurant, proposal for new casino in Florida
___ Rock being cut by hand, hammer, and chisel, book illustration for how to build patios
___ Rug fibers, part of sales instruction kit for Home Depot
___ See thru featuring cedar, screw, socket wrench, and hand, for a how-to book
___ Staining concrete detail showing hand, shaker can, cement, and stain
___ Proposal for using existing building on Mississippi River, St. Paul Minnesota
___ Cutaway view of a sump pump showing float, shutoff valve and pump
___ Cutaway view of a street sweeper showing air path, for Tennant Co.
___ Proposals for pop displays featuring umbrellas
___ Illustration showing glass, channel, extrusions, and insulation material

___ Motor skin melts away, air flow arrows move to show cooling air
___ Bicycles move in this animated sales/storage display
___ Short helicopter ride showing finished construction of proposed canopy for hospital
___ Building sections float apart to show features of proposed rehab
___ Swinging tool rack, great for garage and basement storage
___ Hockey safety net moving gracefully into ceiling with hoist mechanism featured
___ Rotating brushes, disappearing sheet metal, filters, trash, dust, and air flow all move in this cutaway street sweeper for the Tennant Company.
___ Bicycle accessories float away and reattach, for Transbike Systems Inc.
___ Dancing monitor shows an ergonomic stand for flat screen monitors, used on web and trade shows

Web Sites
___ Abu Nadar Deli, St. Paul, Minnesota
___ Bolt Buddy, St. Paul, Minnesota
___ Eldon Breustun professional site, Roseville, Minnesota
___ Green Light Consulting, St. Paul, Minnesota
___ Lift N Store, White Bear Lake, Minnesota
___ P & L Concrete Stamping commercial site, Minneapolis, Minnesota
___ Frank Junghans, professional fire investigator, Roseville, Minnesota